Castable Refractory Concrete can be cast in moulds or a applied to a given area to create a high temperature thermal concrete barrier. It can be used for domes or floors in wood ovens, walls and lintels in furnaces, kilns, stoves and many other refractory applications.

Some refractory castables conduct heat, some attempt to repel it (these are insulating castables). Please see the individual item descriptions against each castable Refractory product for further detail.

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  • C1600

    £28.99 exc. VAT

  • M.W.I.C (Medium Weight Insulating Castable)

    £24.99 exc. VAT

  • LC1600

    £37.50 exc. VAT

  • L.W.I.C (Light Weight Insulating Castable)

    Original price was: £39.99.Current price is: £35.00. exc. VAT

  • C1400

    £29.99 exc. VAT

  • 1600F

    £34.99 exc. VAT

  • Stainless Steel Needles 446GD – 1kg

    £22.75 exc. VAT

  • Stainless Steel Needles 446GD – 20kg Box

    £197.00 exc. VAT