Our wood fired oven kits provide the materials required to build either brick or cast style outdoor wood burning oven and includes starter items such as pizza peels / pizza pans etc for your pizza ovens.

  • Sheffield Firebrick Oven (Superior kit)

    £1,199.99£1,249.99 exc. VAT

  • Veneto Superior Oven Kit

    £1,199.99£1,249.99 exc. VAT

  • Sheffield Firebrick Oven (Standard Kit)

    £999.99 exc. VAT

  • Veneto Oven Standard Kit

    £999.99 exc. VAT

  • KL-110 Full Firebrick Wood Burning Oven Kit *Free Delivery*

    £1,350.00 exc. VAT

  • Firebrick Arch Section – 505mm x 340mm

    £74.99 exc. VAT

  • Firebrick Arch Section – 710mm x 430mm

    £94.99 exc. VAT