Here you’ll find a selection of additional items you may require for your wood oven build.

For use in connection with outdoor wood fire pizza ovens or fire pits.

  • Wood Oven Thermometer

    £14.97 exc. VAT

  • Long Pizza Peel 39” Long (blade 11”x10”)

    £33.33 exc. VAT

  • Firebrick Chimney

    £24.99 exc. VAT

  • Chicken Wire 13mm (Hexagonal holes) 6Mx300mm

    £19.77 exc. VAT

  • Fire Clay

    £22.77 exc. VAT

  • Vermiculite

    £27.75 exc. VAT

  • Firebrick Arch Section – 505mm x 340mm

    £74.99 exc. VAT

  • Firebrick Arch Section – 710mm x 430mm

    £94.99 exc. VAT