High Alumina Firebricks have excellent thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance. These bricks also excel in low Iron applications and the composition means they can cope with fluctuating temperatures. Often seen used in the Glass Industry as well as incineration & Crematoria chambers.

We can also supply High Alumina Firebricks cut to specific drawings. Cutting options are available on our website under the heading “Cutting Options”, however please enquire if you have a bespoke shape you would like us to quote.

Typical Analysis and Material Safety Data sheets are available within your account when you login to our site.

GD stands for approximate % Alumina. For example when you see 60GD, you know the brick contains approximately 60% Alumina & 80GD is approx. 80% Alumina.


  • 80GD – 230x114x25mm

    Original price was: £3.49.Current price is: £2.98. exc. VAT

  • 80GD – 230x114x50mm

    Original price was: £5.49.Current price is: £4.55. exc. VAT

  • 60GD – 230x114x25mm

    £3.49 exc. VAT

  • 60GD – 230x152x76mm

    £9.98 exc. VAT

  • 60GD – 230x114x35mm

    £3.97 exc. VAT

  • 60GD – 230x114x52mm

    £6.49 exc. VAT

  • 60GD – 230x114x64mm

    £4.97 exc. VAT

  • 60GD – 230x114x76/52mm

    £7.97 exc. VAT

  • 60GD – 230x114x76/57mm

    £7.97 exc. VAT

  • 60GD – 230x114x76/64mm

    £7.97 exc. VAT

  • 60GD – 230x114x76/70mm

    £7.97 exc. VAT

  • 60GD – 230x114x76mm

    £7.47 exc. VAT